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Diets? How many have you used? They are so difficult to stick to no matter how motivated we are; it goes great for so long then boredom sets in. ‘Oh, just one won’t hurt’, which leads to two, three …


The problem is we are trying to persuade a part of us that what we have been doing for years is wrong. Often our weight problems relate to learnt behaviour, did you have to sit at the table until your plate was finished? When you were good you were given sweet treats? Large family, so you had to eat quick to ensure you had your share?


These behaviours carry forward into our adult life and create eating habits that are hard to break, similarly, we often hear people say they are comfort eaters; as a baby, we associate feeding with comfort, and some say this feeling never leaves us. So, we reach for the food we like to help comfort us when we are feeling low, stressed or sad. The language we use, syns, treats, "I've been good today" "I've been so bad today", this all encourages the thought that food is something other than essential food for our body to work effectively.


We create habits around this language, " I’ve been really good today, so I deserve a treat" does this sound familiar? Do you have a treat night? Does having a treat have to be food? I am the worst culprit for buying "goodies" as a treat for my family, but the action is more about my need to please than my family’s needs.


Knowing that these associations exist help you to change your relationships with food, leaving you able to create new healthier choices; not just with types of food but with exercise, portion control, finding new ways to please others and yourself, to love yourself!


I offer 121 and group programmes. Some need flexibility and group interaction were other need a more personal approach. The programme is split into two stages, Transform and Forever Me.


The first four weeks the one-hour sessions are weekly, then fortnightly for 2 months; the aim is to change your eating habits, to create an understanding of why and when you eat and create new healthy habits. To encourage movement in any form, the more we move the healthier we become. Sessions spread out to let you feel your new independence from Food, for some that is enough for others they will continue with the support.


Forever Me, involves more of the same but deeper understanding, acceptance of the past and letting go. To start to live freely without thinking about food, about good and bad. To continue to ingrain good healthy habits that will live with you Forever, giving you the new Me. 


Each session involves thirty minutes of Positive Suggestion Relaxation, each week a different issue will be focused upon. The other thirty minutes will be focused group chat again around a particular area. You will receive MPs3 to continue the work on your subconscious and A worksheet for the conscious mind. You have access to an online group which is closed to WUTWL users. 


Throughout the programme you will create SMART gaols that are specific to you, this will aid motivation and feelings of accomplishment and success. There will NOT be a weigh in, instead we will focus on the other healthy changes we notice. 


This is NOT A DIET; it is a Heathy Approach to Life.

Wise up to why you have the eating habits that have held you back and become the confident, healthier and fitter person you know you can be!


Opening Hours.


Monday - 8am - 9pm.

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Sunday. 8am - 6pm.


Stockton, Thornaby, Yarm, Billingham, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool, Darlington, Stokesley, Hemlington, Thirsk, Sunderland, Saltburn and all the Teesside area.


Sessions are available over Zoom for national  clients. 



Your intial session will be on average 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions will be 1 hour, I do not charge any extra for an initial session.


You can book below once a date and tme has been agreed with me.




Weekdays £60

Weekends £65

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