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"Quote from Jo"
Vicki was recommended to me to help with my increasing phobia of needles. I've always had a fear but after 2 pregnancies it had developed into an intense phobia.
When I first met Vicki I was open minded to hypnotherapy and had never had any experience of it before. She immediately made me felt at ease and has a very calming persona. After just a couple of sessions I had uncovered where the phobia had started from and felt a lot more in control of my fear and confidence. Since then I have had bloods taken and injections & although its never pleasant I use the tools Vicki has taught me to keep calm and easily get through these situations.  It really has changed my life as I approach my second labour I feel prepared and not worried about the thought of needles. I can't thank Vicki enough for the help she has given me


"Quote from John"

After meeting Vicki at Hypnobirthing class I decided to try hypnosis as a remedy in the run up to my presentation as part of my further education.  I found Vicki both understanding and easy to talk to, and also found her relaxation techniques very effective.  In the run to my presentation I found I had no anxiety whatsoever, I was quite relaxed about the whole situation.  On the day itself, I was surprised to find I felt the same, in fact I was actually a little excited.  The presentation itself didn't go to plan due to a last minute change of my subject matter which was beyond my control, the inevitable resulting nerves were quickly dispersed using the techniques taught to me by Vicki, and I managed to steady myself under difficult circumstances, to deliver my presentation with a calming confidence.  This resulted in me receiving one of the highest marks of my class and has instilled a confidence I am eager to develop through presenting at work.   

I really can't recommend Vicki highly enough, her attention to detail and understanding of my situation was only beaten by her genuine desire to help."


"Quote from Jane"

I was a bit of a sceptic regarding hypnotherapy........but no more. I had a terrible phobia of pigeons which stopped me going to places and doing things. I would always question people once they had visited somewhere to ask if they had seen any pigeons, my life seemed revolve round this.

I heard about Vicki and her hypnotherapy and decided to give it a go. I was amazed just how brilliant Vicki was. She is very professional, understanding and explains everything to you. I have had a couple of sessions now and the difference is amazing. I have now visited places I thought I would never go to. Used the train station in York without fear. Booked and went on holiday only to find out that there was a great deal of pigeons there, but I coped and had a brilliant time. Before having hypnotherapy I would never have done any of the things I've mentioned. I would very highly recommend Vicki she has changed my life no end and I will always be so grateful to her.



Joannes Story I decided to try HypnoBirthing with my 3rd child as I had heard some very positive experiences. The reason I wanted to try HypnoBirthing was because I felt that my first 2 labours were just horrific, I had gas and air and morphine both times. After my first child first thing I said was NEVER AGAIN it took my partner 6 years to eventually persuade me to have another baby and after a long tiring painful labour I again swore NEVER AGAIN! Although my partner did want more children it took another 8 year later to persuade me to have a third child and for my first trimester all I done was worry about the birth, until a complete stranger in a supermarket noticed I was pregnant and came over to tell me about her HypnoBirth (also done through Vicki). From then on I started looking into it and asking around until eventually enrolling on the course with Vicki. My partner and I attended the class together and I think I was only in the room for 30 minutes and Vicky had me feeling completely different about my outlook on the birth, we left the class feeling so excited and with a completely different outlook on the birth. After 5 weeks I feel like I was bursting with knowledge and completely empowered and in control I lost all my fears and just felt totally exited to go into labour.

 I went on to have the most enjoyable calmest relaxed pregnancy ever, I learnt how to let go of all my worries, and just totally enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy, completely different from my first 2 pregnancies where I worried and complained from beginning to end. Instead of not thinking about the birth like with my last 2 labour I was actually thinking about it all of the time and getting exited.  

 Thankyou Vicki for introducing us to an alternative and safer way of child birth (See more of this story)


"Quote from Mary" For the first time in my life I really feel like I'm in control of my eating and it's all happened after I had the pleasure of meeting  Vicki who introduced me to the positive influence of hypnotherapy!
I've struggled with yo yo dieting, losing weight and finding it again, several times in my life and always craved sugary sweet things- just one more biscuit won't hurt me...... Or I'll start the diet tomorrow .... I've been to so many slimming clubs I should be a major shareholder yet deep down I always knew what I needed to do to loose weight but I never seemed to have my head in the right place to be able to follow good advice or the will power to sustain and maintain weight loss. That changed when I met Vicki and through the use of hypnotherapy , Vicki helped me to listen to what my body was telling me and helped me to use my own goals to focus my thoughts on how I would achieve a steady weight loss and get to where I have always wanted to be with my weight.  I never felt judged or uncomfortable and each session was like having a friendly  chat which left me feeling positive, relaxed, calm, focused and determined. I've surprised myself at how painless it's been to cut out sugary snacks and I now find I don't want them anymore and can say " no thank you" and really mean it, and best of all,  I haven't missed them one little bit.  I can honestly say it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be and I've now lost 18.5 lbs without feeling I'm  depriving myself  of anything.  Following  my sessions with Vicki something positive just clicked into place and I find myself naturally eating smaller portions and making healthy choices and actually enjoying doing so.
I can't thank Vicki enough for helping me to  achieve my targets and would recommend  her to anyone contemplating using hypnotherapy for weight loss/ management


Hannahs Story I genuinely can't recommend vicki and her hypnobirthing classes enough. I'm not going to lie both my birthing partners and myself had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for and wasn't sure how much we could learn (as after watching one born every minute we all knew everything obviously) however we were wrong! Vickis classes were highly informative, no question was left unanswered and we definitely learned things we never knew (especially labelling body parts.... Apparently none of us were very good at biology haha) vickis classes gave us the confidence to take control of our birth and to know what to do and say when the time eventually came from the moment my waters broke until the moment I held my daughter in my arms. I have no doubt in my mind that things would have been very different if we had not attended these classes! And I don't think any of us would have been as relaxed as what we were. If you are undecided on hypnobirthing classes for whatever reason all I can say is please give it a try, you learn things which are invaluable and your birth will be much more relaxed ! We couldn't have done it without Vicki and, if we decide to have another one, I will be hypnobirthing again with her for sure. (see more stories like this)

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