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Joannes Story   decided to try HypnoBirthing with my 3rd child as I had heard some very positive experiences. The reason I wanted to try HypnoBirthing was because I felt that my first 2 labours were just horrific, I had gas and air and morphine both times. After my first child first thing I said was NEVER AGAIN it took my partner 6 years to eventually persuade me to have another baby and after a long tiring painful labour I again swore NEVER AGAIN! Although my partner did want more children it took another 8 year later to persuade me to have a third child and for my first trimester all I done was worry about the birth, until a complete stranger in a supermarket noticed I was pregnant and came over to tell me about her HypnoBirth (also done through Vicki). From then on I started looking into it and asking around until eventually enrolling on the course with Vicki. My partner and I attended the class together and I think I was only in the room for 30 minutes and Vicky had me feeling completely different about my outlook on the birth, we left the class feeling so excited and with a completely different outlook on the birth. After 5 weeks I feel like I was bursting with knowledge and completely empowered and in control I lost all my fears and just felt totally exited to go into labour.

 I went on to have the most enjoyable calmest relaxed pregnancy ever, I learnt how to let go of all my worries, and just totally enjoy every aspect of my pregnancy, completely different from my first 2 pregnancies where I worried and complained from beginning to end. Instead of not thinking about the birth like with my last 2 labour I was actually thinking about it all of the time and getting exited.

 3 days before my estimated due date my waters broke, we went to hospital to get checked out as they where slightly bloody, I never panicked to be honest I was just so exited my baby was arriving and I felt no anxiety what so ever about the birth. The next day I ended up being induced as I wasn't having strong surges but I was bleeding quiet a lot (still not panicking) I used all my HypnoBirthing techniques to keep calm and relaxed I used all my breathing throughout, we had a very good detailed birth preference which covered every aspect of what could happen (like if I was induced) so my partner new what he needed to do to support me and so did my midwife. My partner was so involved throughout especially through transition he recognised this straight away and thankfully it only lasted a few minutes. I remained mobile throughout the whole of my labour using wireless monitoring and I breathed my baby down using j breaths in an upright position as planned everything went amazingly. I can honestly say my surges were a breeze compared to before I couldn't believe afterwards how easily I handled them, I never once thought or asked for pain relief and once the second stage of labour started and I was breathing the baby's head down I couldn't feel a thing I don't know how I was getting surges because I could no longer feel them, I just completely went into a deep calm relaxation and followed my baby's lead, although I was aware of midwives etc. around me I closed my eyes and blocked everyone out and just breathed my baby down. My second stage of labour only lasted 10-15 minutes and our little boy Parker Joseph was born safe and soundly, weighing 8lb7oz and it was truly the best experience of my life I remember everything this time round as I wasn't drugged up on morphine and my baby was so alert and latched onto the breast straight away. And now all I think about is how much I would love to go through this experience again!

 Thankyou Vicki for introducing us to an alternative and safer way of child birth!

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