My clients experiences.

Kaitlyns Story  I can't recommend Vicki highly enough. Thanks to Vicki and her HypnoBirthing classes I had an amazing birthing experience. Vicki's enthusiasm and relaxed attitude combined with techniques and knowledge equipped me for a very positive birthing.

Due to last minute changes in my circumstances,  my dad stepped in to be my birthing partner. I had a wonderful labour, breathing through my surges and when the time came to make our journey to the hospital we almost didn't make it. I ended up having my baby in the hospital toilet in A&E as I didn't have time to get to the delivery suite. What could have been a worrying experience was peaceful and calm thanks to all we had learned during our classes. My son Max has been a typical hypnobirthing baby, easy going and happy. I have very happy memories of the birthing preparations and delivery! The techniques work, you just have to put the practice in and do the home work! There isn't anything I would go back and change if I had the chance. It was a once in a life time experience!!


Hannahs Story I genuinely can't recommend vicki and her hypnobirthing classes enough. I'm not going to lie both my birthing partners and myself had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for and wasn't sure how much we could learn (as after watching one born every minute we all knew everything obviously) however we were wrong! Vickis classes were highly informative, no question was left unanswered and we definitely learned things we never knew (especially labelling body parts.... Apparently none of us were very good at biology haha) vickis classes gave us the confidence to take control of our birth and to know what to do and say when the time eventually came from the moment my waters broke until the moment I held my daughter in my arms. I have no doubt in my mind that things would have been very different if we had not attended these classes! And I don't think any of us would have been as relaxed as what we were. If you are undecided on hypnobirthing classes for whatever reason all I can say is please give it a try, you learn things which are invaluable and your birth will be much more relaxed ! We couldn't have done it without Vicki and, if we decide to have another one, I will be hypnobirthing again with her for sure.

Mimms Story  I went through the hypnobirthing course with Vicki when I was pregnant with my second child. I had a negative experience giving birth to my first child, I laboured for three days in a hospital setting and ended up having a very medicalised birth. I felt like I had let myself and my daughter down, and the whole experience was just not what I had wanted at all.

One of my friends had talked about her experiences with hypnobirthing, and feeing that I had nothing to lose I thought I would give it a try! Going through the course with Vicki was great, I felt empowered in my knowledge of what my body could do and would do on the big day, and the relaxation techniques helped me massively in terms of my anxiety about giving birth after such a bad time first time.
My son was born 12 days late, but in the birthing pool and with hardly any intervention, just the way I had wanted him to be. He was a very big baby (10lb 3oz!) and I managed to deliver him with only a small amount of gas and air, and within only 3 hours of arriving at the hospital.
I was so much more calm and in control because of the techniques I was taught, and even though I had given birth to such a big baby I felt energised and elated. The experience could not have been more polar opposite when compared to my first labour.
Vicki was absolutely instrumental in helping me to overcome my worries about labour after my first experience and allowed me to have the birth that I really wanted for both my babies. She made time for me to discuss my circumstances and was really supportive and understanding. I absolutely recommend working with her!! 

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