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*** NEW ***


We are now offering a combined appoinment for Turning Breech.


Working with Claire from Healing Flow Clinic in Norton; you can now book a Breech Packadge, consisting of-


* One Hour Hypnotherapy Session,

* Acupuncture Session,

* Moxi Instruction and Moxi STICKS,

* Turning Your Baby Mp3,

* Evidence Based Leaflets on your chioces. 

                                    OFFER PRICE £100.

you also choose a Hypnotherapy/Moxi Appionment.



Turning your breech baby.

Sometimes your baby decides to come bottom first, you are then left with a decision on how to birth your baby. Your Consultant will offer you an External Cephalic Version (ECV) to turn your baby to a head down position, if this is not successful your care givers will discuss your choice of birthing method.

I offer a combined appointment of Hypnotherapy and Moxibustion; following your hour long appointment of deep relaxation and Moxibustion you will leave with Moxi sticks and a CD/Mp3 for use at home along with evidence based leaflets to ensure you are fully informed on Breech presentation.

Mums with a breech presenting baby can start the treatment from 33 weeks, the optimal time for Moxibustion is 33-36wks of pregnancy, although it can still be used up to term. The sticks are placed beside each outer aspect of mums’ feet warming the side of the small toe, this is referred to as Bladder 67 point. It is recommended you use the treatment twice a day in ten minute intervals for two weeks. It is very easy and can be performed at home with some help to position them.

A moxa-stick looks like a big cigar, when it is lit an intense warmth is felt at the acupuncture point, this is very pleasant and painless. Traditional Chinese Medicine explain that warming the Bladder 67 (or Zhi Yin) point in the small toe creates a warming energy (Yang) in the pelvic floor. This warming energy will cause movement in the pelvic floor and uterus, and the movement will cause the baby to move which can result in the baby turning.

 Western medicine explains Moxibustion as improving blood circulation in the womb. This enhances the maturing process and increases the chance of the baby turning spontaneously. Additionally, moxa may stimulate the adrenal gland and the hormones the adrenal gland produce, so positively affecting the muscular tissue of the womb. This may then create baby to become more active and turn. There is also evidence to suggest that using Moxibustion along with Hypnotherapy can increase the effectiveness.

Hypnotherapy is surprisingly effective in a number of ways, deep relaxation and fear release allow the uterine muscles to relax allowing baby more freedom to move around.  It also allows Mum to connect and communicate with her baby in the womb - never underestimate the power of the mind. Evidence has shown that hypnotherapy can almost double the chance of the baby turning when compared to no treatment Through the use of relaxation and gentle suggestions, many mothers are able to completely relax and release tension.


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Sessions are available over Zoom for national  clients. 



Your intial session will be on average 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions will be 1 hour, I do not charge any extra for an initial session.


You can book below once a date and tme has been agreed with me.




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