“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.” ― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

"Quote from Jo"

Vicki was recommended to me to help with my increasing phobia of needles. I've always had a fear but after 2 pregnancies it had developed into an intense phobia.
When I first met Vicki I was open minded to hypnotherapy and had never had any experience of it before. She immediately made me felt at ease and has a very calming persona. After just a couple of sessions I had uncovered where the phobia had started from and felt a lot more in control of my fear and confidence. Since then I have had bloods taken and injections & although its never pleasant I use the tools Vicki has taught me to keep calm and easily get through these situations.  It really has changed my life as I approach my second labour I feel prepared and not worried about the thought of needles. I can't thank Vicki enough for the help she has given me.


"Quote from John"

After meeting Vicki at Hypnobirthing class I decided to try hypnosis as a remedy in the run up to my presentation as part of my further education.  I found Vicki both understanding and easy to talk to, and also found her relaxation techniques very effective.  In the run to my presentation I found I had no anxiety whatsoever, I was quite relaxed about the whole situation.  On the day itself, I was surprised to find I felt the same, in fact I was actually a little excited.  The presentation itself didn't go to plan due to a last minute change of my subject matter which was beyond my control, the inevitable resulting nerves were quickly dispersed using the techniques taught to me by Vicki, and I managed to steady myself under difficult circumstances, to deliver my presentation with a calming confidence.  This resulted in me receiving one of the highest marks of my class and has instilled a confidence I am eager to develop through presenting at work.   

I really can't recommend Vicki highly enough, her attention to detail and understanding of my situation was only beaten by her genuine desire to help."

"Quote from Jane"

I was a bit of a sceptic regarding hypnotherapy........but no more. I had a terrible phobia of pigeons which stopped me going to places and doing things. I would always question people once they had visited somewhere to ask if they had seen any pigeons, my life seemed revolve round this.

I heard about Vicki and her hypnotherapy and decided to give it a go. I was amazed just how brilliant Vicki was. She is very professional, understanding and explains everything to you. I have had a couple of sessions now and the difference is amazing. I have now visited places I thought I would never go to. Used the train station in York without fear. Booked and went on holiday only to find out that there was a great deal of pigeons there, but I coped and had a brilliant time. Before having hypnotherapy I would never have done any of the things I've mentioned. I would very highly recommend Vicki she has changed my life no end and I will always be so grateful to her.


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